Thursday, 28 February 2013

Weekly: Advertising Analysis - Chupa Chups Lollipops

I am really struggling to write today and I have just realised that I have to do this. Anyway, I chose to leave it till the last minute so i must suffer this fate.

It was only upon further investigation into the the product and the brand that I realised how significant they are in our social history. There is no other way to put this but these are the guys that came up with the "lollipop". The original very first one. Chupa Chups was founded in 1958 when Enrich Bernat decided the world would need a product that "Would be like eating a sweet with a for". Once you see the logo I am sure it will bring back childhood memories for most. Now, let me get to describing the ad I have chosen.

The advert is for a sugar free version of Chupa Chups lollipops. Normally from what I have noticed when companies try and advertise sugar free products they tend to bore you with the monotonous health guilt trip. They like to make you feel bad about being over-weight then expect to sell you a different, 'healthier' version of the same product that made you overweight in the first place (Consumerism is not healthy. "cough, cough" - Coke).  Usually they do this by stating the benefit far to clearly. It is very difficult to stand out when the message is so common with these types of products and you end up washed up with everyone else.

The success of this advert lies in clearly communicating the benefit without getting caught up in the aforementioned trap. Ants are a complete and utter nuisance, they seem to get into everything and once your treat has just a few crawling around, it's just a matter of seconds before it is covered and inedible. Bee's and Ants are known to like sugary sweet things and everyone who has ever had anything sweet know's the horrible feeling of these having pests stop you from enjoying your can of soda. That is the insight that the copywriters and art directors have used so well.

Through manipulating the insight and turning it right around they clearly communicate the benefit, that there is no sugar in there sweets hence why all the Ants are taking a detour around the lollipop. The headline ("It's sugar free.") works well with visual to get the message across.

A really well thought out concept and strategy coupled together with perfect execution from the Art Direction makes this a very powerful ad for a well established company.

I would love to see it campaigned with a bee version. I could see that working really well.



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